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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Playing Around

Well guys just here a lil bit bored so decided to do this look which i did not like the outcome but decided to post anyways . I used pure luxe pigments one in shameless and the other in glory then i used carbon by mac for the intense black and blended that out im still searching whats the best eyeshadow application for my eye shape. Trust me when i say its not the same thing when you do your own eyes then when you do another persons eye its way diffrent it may of looked good on you but it can be a fail on the other person yeah you can do the same look you just need to arrange the eyeshadow diffrently. Anyways just thought id share that Thought of mine LOL ...

Monday, January 23, 2012


My family is very important in my life so this blog is really connected with family, makeup and preety much my everyday life it may be not exciting to you guys but i love my family and life and would not change that for the world so remmeber guys Family comes first... :)

(Here i am with my mom (MIDDLE) and my lil sis)

New years

Well guys so i have not posted anything on here since forever so here is an update as you can see here i have lost over 30 pounds in my time away and here is a pic of me and my sister for new years i love my new lifestyle change and im going for more..... wish me luck and your support will keep me motivated guys together we can do this.. so i leave here just a little update


Well here is a recent look i did with some pure luxe pigments yes my camera takes crappy pics sorry guys.....But here it is