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Monday, January 25, 2010


Well i have been gone on this blog for a lil while but just wanted to write something about whats been going on with me.... I started playing in a volleyball team with some girls they are not very good but it's a start!!!! This way i will learn more. I have been getting into scrapbooking again so maybe ill post a blog about that to show my photo album!!! well thats all for now...

Saturday, January 9, 2010


Wow this morning i went to see my 2 little sisters play volleyball they are very good at it, not like me!!!!! My sport is soccer i used to play before i had my son and now i dont:( that sucks really it sucks big time !!! hope i get to playing very soon because i miss it so much........So hopefully when i get in better shape i can start playing again, because right now i would not be able to even run!!!!!!!!! Well soccer i will soon be back to you!!!!!! I HOPE!!!!

Friday, January 8, 2010

My love

You can see my dark spots here!!!! I hate it !!! hope clinique helps!!!

Ok so where does time go look at my little baby i cant believe it has been 4 years since my baby boy came into this life!!!! So cherish and enjoy the love and happiness that a child can bring to you because time goes by super fast.... I love my son he is the best thing that has ever happened in my life..... He completes me in every way !!! I'm just writing this little section to honor my baby boy and to show him how much i love him!!!!! I love you baby even when your 50 you will still be my baby!!! LOL

Happy 4th Birthday

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Ok so i hate my skin!!!! i have had very bad skin i was like 15 when i started to break out, first it started with little pimples on my forehead and it wasnt bad at first then on my cheeks the good thing was that they were little blackheads and whiteheads (if thats a good thing huh???) but at least i didnt have huge pimples!!!! I started using proactive and it was a miracle worker it cleared my skin 100% i am serious.. ok so my point is i have had bad skin since forever and it has come back to haunt me~~~~ After i had my son my skin was very nice and glowy but after 2 years or so i started breaking out on my cheeks and my jawline, chin it was awfull so now i am left with blotches on my skin and dark spots because of the acne damage, i breakout but thats not the problem the problem is the discoloration on my skin!!!!!!!!!N-ewayz a few weeks ago i bought clinique's even better skin tone corrector priced at 40 us dollars, it is a bit pricey but i wanted to try it... so i have been using it for about 1 week and i have seen a slight difference on my skin but it says to allow 4-6 weeks to see good results so i am going to review it during this time..... Hope it fades and dissapears the dark spots on my face!!!!!!!!

Here you can see my dark spots and my son trying to blow a kiss LOL!!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Disney on ice

Lion King

Well just wanted to write about our trip to disney on ice world of fantasy... We decided to take my 4 year old son to see the show, for one of his birthday presents..... Not only my son loved the show... i love disney movies and the characters so i had a blast of a day as well We arrived at the pepsi center and i could already see the face of joy my son had on his face it was a priceless moment..... The show lasted about 2 hours performance for world of fantasy were CARS, THE LITTLE MERMAID, and tinker bell and appearences by mickey and friends.... me and my family had a blast and the seats were preety good for 25 bucks so i would definetaly recommend the show to anyone so if its in your city dont miss out on it.... Disney on ice will be back in my city in march for another wonderful show and we are def going to go as well we loved it!!!!! Just wanted to comment on our fun experience.....See ya


Here you see Cars and my baby boy (right->


Ok so i havent been writing anything on this blog so i am new with blogs and not very good i guess lol!!!!! well my camera is till out and with this economy i am broke like nobody imagines and it sucks for real!!! so i still have to post my swatches on the pure luxe pigments and i will do that as soon as i can!!!! My weight loss is going ok i guess i lost like 4 pounds i just hope i keep to it and i wont fail 2010 def has to be a new and healthy year for me well thats it for now hope to keep on updating frequently!!!! BYE FOR NOW