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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Pure luxe pigments

okay so i am a huge pigment junkie!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love piggies jaja!! well im doing a review on pure luxe pigments, i purchased samples from them a long time ago i bought about 40 pigment samples all kinds of colors right now i cant do swatches because my camera is dead no battery ughhhhh i hate my camera seriously........Santa a new camera for x-mas please!!! lol well newayz in my opinion these pigments are really good they can be used with or without a base depends on if you like suddle color or if you want to make it pop it works both wayz they are easy to blend, great color payoff and the price is just right so if you cant splurge on mac pigments i think these are a great dupe... for 1 dollar samples and 5 dollars for a 5g jar that ladies and gents is a good deal to me!!!! and quality is superb


  1. Great pigmentation
  2. Good size amount of product for less money (who doesent love a good deal)
  3. good staying power
  4. No testing on animals


  • Shipping may take time (most of all if its international shipping)

Swatches will be available once my camera decides to work with me im hoping its soon!!! Bye