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Sunday, December 13, 2009

weight loss

Ok so tonight i was thinking i am going to change my lifestyle drastically i plan on losing some weight or should i say alot!!!!!!ughhhh it is so frustrating to go on diets so i am not going to go on a diet i am going to do a lifestyle change...... since i got pregnant with my son in 2005 i put on lots of weight and let myself go bad!!!!! So starting tomorrow i will be starting my plan!!!!!

Consisting of planning my meals, exercise plans, getting a gym membership this is definetaly my new years resolution for 2010 this time im serious!!!! gosh dont we all say that but for real------

i also enjoy playing soccer and volleyball so maybe join some teams i dont know what are your opinions i need more options!!! i know i can do it i just need to stay motivated...well guys off to schedule my day i'll post tomorrow to see how my first day starts wish me luck guys !!!!!!goodnight